Michael Natale — Graphic Design | Advertising | Illustration | Egale Canada “Toys Will Be Toys” Magazine Ad
Michael Natale is a Toronto based Graphic Designer working as a Graphic Designer specializing in Advertising, Illustration, Branding and Content Creation.
Michael Natale, Michael Anthony Natale, Toronto, Toronto Graphic Designer, Graphic Design, George Brown College, School of Design, Art Director, Illustrator, Branding
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Egale Canada “Toys Will Be Toys” Magazine Ad

Ask: Create an awareness campaign for the Non-For Profit Canadian company, Egale, a Canadian human rights trust who offer resources and programs that educate about LGBT issues. The ad will run in a Canadian magazine both in Print and Online formats.


Target Audience: We were targeting more traditional, “nuclear” household parental units, specifically heterosexual, cis-gender moms, who have kids aged 0-13 years of age, or are expecting to be parents soon.


Execution: We wanted to reach moms who are potentially less concerned with LGBT issues, believing their family isn’t affected. However, this is a critical group that needs to be informed–we don’t want to preach to the converted. By getting a jump start in their early ages of parenting, we want moms to pass on positive values of education, equality, and get rid of obsessive attitudes and biases, especially if their child feels the need to express a different gender or sexual orientation than their parents expected.


The concept was simple, “Toys Will Be Toys” illustrates that a toy was made as a toy to be played with, regardless of gender. It tackles the common practice of gendering and labelling the toys we give our children as “a boy’s toy” or “a girl’s toy”, which can be confusing for kids, and even impact them psychologically and socially. The ad combats these notions head-on, and makes the viewer question, “what gender can play with this toy? does it even matter?”


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