Michael Natale — Graphic Design | Advertising | Illustration | Natrel Milk “Naturally Versatile” Campaign
Michael Natale is a Toronto based Graphic Designer working as a Graphic Designer specializing in Advertising, Illustration, Branding and Content Creation.
Michael Natale, Michael Anthony Natale, Toronto, Toronto Graphic Designer, Graphic Design, George Brown College, School of Design, Art Director, Illustrator, Branding
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Natrel Milk “Naturally Versatile” Campaign

Ask: Create a campaign promoting Natrel Milk’s lactose free milk products, appealing to consumers who are lactose intolerant, but who still want to drink real dairy milk.


Target Audience: Our target demographic were health conscious “everything moms,” busy with careers, kids, and managing the varied needs of themselves and their family members.


Execution: The concept came from the advantage Natrel’s brand offers over competitors—its wide ranging lactose free product line. The brand itself becomes a swiss army knife, useful no matter what a consumer’s varied need may be. The executions included subway takeovers of Queen Station and King Station in downtown Toronto, appealing to the working moms in the financial district, with support of free sample booths in-store supermarkets, sales promotion giveaways of coupon keychains, and a partnership with PC (President’s Choice) Points smartphone application.


Advertising, Digital, Graphic Design, Print